Cultural Park Gallery Shows Dozens Pieces of W Sumatra Artists Artworks

id Cultural Park Gallery Shows Dozens Pieces of W Sumatra Artists Artworks

Gate of West Sumatra Cultural Park Gallery. (Antara)

Padang, (Antara Sumbar) - Dozens pieces of art consisting of various artworks of Minang artists belonging to the Sakura Kampuang Community are exhibited at the #2 Tambo Senorupa Exhibition at West Sumatra Cultural Park Gallery.

Chairman of the exhibition committee, Antoni Eka Putra in Padang, Wednesday (Sept 13) said this exhibition is the second exhibition since the founding of Kampuang Sakato Community in 2015.

"A total of 37 works are works of 26 Minang artists who had previously passed the curation," he said.

He mentioned the exhibition will be held for one week starting on the ninth to 15th of September 2017.

The event coordinator, Herry Desmal explained that the exhibition theme related to Sandi, which is the basis of basic philosophy of 'adat basandi syarak and syarak basandi kitabullah'.

In addition, he explained that 37 exhibited works consisted of paintings, photographs, sculptures, installation works and documentaries.

According to the artists involved in this exhibition are artists whose work had received international award and also often follow the exhibition abroad.

"Some of the works that are on display now have been awarded international class awards and also have been exhibited abroad," he said.

He added that in 2018 the exhibition will be held in Bukittinggi on a larger scale and will involve all communities and artists in West Sumatra.

One of exhibition visitors, Eko Dharmawangsa said lucky to see the paintings on display at the exhibition.

According to the paintings that exist are works of West Sumatra artists who have often been abroad to showcase his work. (cha)

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