Agam Provides 85 Hectares of Land For Vaname Shrimp Cultivation

id Agam Provides 85 Hectares of Land For Vaname Shrimp Cultivation

Illustration. Vaname Shrimp. (Antara/Special)

Lubukbasung, (Antara Sumbar) - Agam District, West Sumatra provides 85 hectares of land in Tanjungmutiara Sub-district to develop The cultivation of vaname shrimp.

Head of the Fisheries and Food Security Agency (DPKP) of Agam, Ermanto in Lubukbasung, Tuesday (Sept 12) said 85 hectares of land is located on Ujung Labuah with a total area of five hectares, Muaro Putih area 30 hectares, Labuhan and Subang-subang area 50 hectares.

"The locations are very suitable for cultivation of vaname shrimp because they are located in coastal areas. The development of vaname shrimp in order to divert the dependence of people to cultivate fish in Maninjau Lake to the coast," he explained.

He said that the land owner and Nagari Customary Density (KAN) Tiku Lima Jorong, Tanjungmutiara Sub-district is willing to give land to investors for the development of cultivation of vaname shrimp.

Currently, he added, DPKP Agam is looking for investors to develop vaname shrimp.

According to him, during this time investors are not willing to invest because constrained technical personnel cultivation of vaname shrimp does not in Agam.

But it is trying to find the technical personnel so that investors want to invest their funds.

"We will facilitate investors to find technical personnel, heavy equipment and other assistance," he said.

He added that the development of cultivation of vaname shrimp is strongly supported by Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Republic of Indonesia (KKP RI). KKP RI will assist equipment such as waterwheel, heavy equipment and others.

The plan, DPKP Agam will create a model pond vanept shrimp farming. But the cost to make one unit of pool is very big which is around Rp500 million per unit.

"This fund is used to create ponds, shrimp feed, seedlings and other operational costs," he said.

Cultivation of vaname shrimp is now a very promising business opportunity, because the harvest period is faster about 50 to 60 days.

While the price of vaname shrimp is quite expensive around Rp40.000 to Rp50.000 per kilogram.

Vaname shrimp or "Litopenaeus vannamei" is one of the introduction of shrimp species which recently attracted more, because it has advantages such as disease resistance, rapid growth and others.

Chairman of KAN Tiku Lima Jorong, Abdul Muis is ready to provide a location for the development of cultivation of vaname shrimp in an effort to improve economy of surrounding community.

"With the cultivation of vaname shrimp, it can open the work field for the people around," he said. (cha)

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