Padang Panjang To Enhance Tourism Activator Creativity

id Padang Panjang To Enhance Tourism Activator Creativity

Illustration. The Gate of Padang Panjang Municipality. (Antara)

Padang Panjang, (Antara Sumbar) - The Government of Padang Panjang Municipality, West Sumatra, continues to enhance the creativity of tourism drivers by organizing a cultural festival.

"The mobility of tourism is quite high lately, therefore we are required to be more creative in attracting tourists through cultural festivals," Secretary of local Tourism Office, Dalius stated in Padang Panjang, on Tuesday (Sept 12).

He said cultural festival activities should be able to be utilized as a venue to awaken the art of culture and creative economy in supporting development of tourism sector.

Because this sector has obviously been able to boost economic improvement of community, which has a major impact on the growth of other sectors.

At the cultural festival, Government of Padang Panjang held various activities that could preserve the culture and evoke creativity of activator the tourism.

"There are a number of activities during festival of culture ranging from minang art performances such as songs and dance, kite competitions and other," Dalius who also accompanied the Head of the Creative Economy Department of Tourism Padang Panjang Busmar Candra said.

For the schedule of the cultural festival is planned in November 2017. "The peak will also all commemorate the anniversary (HUT) of the City on December 1, 2017," he pointed out.

He hopes all elements of society can support the implementation of the cultural festival. "The support of all parties is urgently needed for the success of cultural festival," he said.

Members of Parliament of Padang Panjang, Hendra Saputra welcomed activities undertaken by Department of Tourism in promoting the world of tourism in the area.

"Tourism is one of the factors to raise people's economy, therefore government must be able to plan it carefully in order to achieve things which are expected," he explained. (cha)

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