South Pesisir To Launch Tourism Web Page

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Kawasan wisata Mandeh di Kab Pesisir Selatan, Sumatera Barat. (ANTARA FOTO/Iggoy el Fitra/aww/17)

Painan, (Antara Sumbar) - The government of South Pesisir District, West Sumatra, will launch a web page (online) and information announcement board about tourism to make it easier for tourists to visit the area.

"With the online pages and information boards, we hope tourists can easily find tourist destinations, hotels, restaurants, the distance from one location to another, and some other important things about tourism," the head of the local Information and Communications Office, Muskamal stated in Painan, Thursday (Sept 7).

He said it is still in the stage of preparing the online page and bulletin board.

The announcement board will be established at the entrance of the district so that new arrivals can immediately see which attractions to visit.

While the online pages will be packed as interesting as possible so that tourists feel at home to visit it, either through android phone or even using a computer device.

He thinks online pages and bulletin boards that are being pioneered are the efforts to introduce various attractions in the area instantly without tourists having to go one by one.

This is because the number of tourist attractions are spread even in 15 sub-districts in the local area.

South Pesisir Regent, Hendrajoni said various innovations continue to be launched to promote tourism in the area.

According to the local area in addition to being pioneered online pages and bulletin board of tourism, rest areas in several locations will also be built as in the attractions of Mandeh area and White Sands Beach Kambang.

"Innovate and development of facilities and infrastructure are continued to do so that the world of South Pesisir tourism really become an attraction for tourists," he said. (*)

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