Fishermen Fuel Oil Conversion Save Production Cost: ESDM Vice Minister

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Wamen ESDM, Arcandra Tahar (kanan) meninjau perahu nelayan yang menggunakan bahan bakar gas (BBG) LPG untuk melaut, di Pantai Ujung Batu, Padang, Sumatera Barat, Kamis (7/9). PT Pertamina membagikan paket perdana LPG 3 kilogram beserta konverter kit BBM ke BBG serta mesin kapal kepada 525 nelayan kecil di kota itu dalam rangka mendukung ketahanan energi. ( ANTARA SUMBAR/Iggoy el Fitra/17)

Padang, (Antara Sumbar) - Vice Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM), Arcandra Tahar said the conversion of fuel oil (BBM) of fishermen to LPG gas can save production costs up to 30 percent.

"In terms of economics of LPG, fuel use can save expenditure up to 30 percent, if fishermen go to sea for 10 hours then a month can save up to Rp600 thousand," he said in Padang, Thursday (Sept 7).

He conveyed it to the distribution of LPG fuel converter kit for outboard fishing machine at Ujuang Batu Beach, Estuary of Pasia Nan Tigo, Koto Tangah Sub-district, Padang.

According to him, the use of gas fuel is also a government program encourages the presence of justice for community and entrepreneurs.

"It is also a form of our responsibility as human beings to the earth because gas is more environmentally friendly than fuel," he said.

Arcandra mentions in 2017 it prepared about 17,000 converter kits or outboard engines using LPG fuel that is distributed to fishermen in the country.

"For West Sumatra, this year gets 1,500 units out of 2,000 units planned," he said.

He mentioned that a converter kit costs between Rp8 million to Rp10 million per unit and for fishermen who have not been touched by this program are able to convert to gas fuel.

Meanwhile, Vice Chairman of Commission VII DPR, Mulyadi said the government budget is still limited to distribute converter kits throughout Indonesia.

"If 17,000 divided by 34 provinces so that it can only 500 per province," he added.

"However, until 2019, we targeted all poor fishermen in West Sumatra or noted 4,886 people will get gas fuel kit converter," he said.

Related to the scarcity of three kilogram LPG tube, Mulyadi confirmed one solution that can be taken is to improve the existing system.

"We acknowledge several times the visit did happen LPG rarity of three kilograms happened one of them caused by speculators," he said.

He proposed one solution is to replace the same cover with a five-kilogram tube which is making it more difficult to open. (*)

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