Friday, 20 October 2017

West Sumatera-US Plan to Establish Cooperation in Education

Padang, W Sumatera, July 18 (ANTARA) - The government of West Sumatera Province and the United States plans to establish cooperation in the field of education especially the system of "sister school" or a partnership program between the pilot schools of international standard.

The plan was submitted Sekdaprov West Sumatera Ali Asmar told to reporters on Monday, in connection with official travel Irwan Prayitno Governor of West Sumatra to the U.S. recently.

"One of which will be followed from the West Sumatera Governor's visit to the U.S. along BPKMD associated with increased education resources," he said.

Opportunity for West Sumatera is to establish educational partnerships with a number of states in the U.S. open, especially regarding the "sister school".

According to him, the sister school system / school twins, for example, schools in the Padang RSBI forge partnerships with a number of schools in other countries to accelerate efforts to SBI.

In West Sumaetra, he added, a new high school Padangpanjang who has established cooperation / partnership with schools in Australia.

Kabiro accompanied Secretary of Protocol and Public Relations said Surya Budhi, sister school partnership with the U.S. will begin early 2012 to help districts / cities that already have RSBI.

The results of the Governor of West Sumatera to visit U.S. soon followed up in the near future, he says, is a program of "scholarship" because of substantial opportunities for the younger generation of West Sumatera to get a scholarship in the U.S., but as long as this demand is still minimal.

"So far, not much to fill the scholarship opportunities to the U.S., may get less information and could have been because the process is too difficult," said Ali.

According to him, the next two weeks will be a meeting between the leadership of the West Sumatera provincial universities (PT) public / private in this area to discuss these opportunities.

In the meeting, it was also invited Prof. F. Fahlino Syuib who teaches at a university in the U.S.

Fahlino is originating from West Sumatera, and when the Governor's trip to the United States, Minang immigrants were involved facilitate cooperation in education, West Sumatra-U.S..

"We hope this cooperation can be motivated and improve the quality of education in West Sumatera," he said. (*)


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