Saturday, 23 September 2017

Pasaman Distributed 5,982 Tons Subsidized Fertilizer

DPRD bersama jajaran Pemkab Pasaman Barat dan PT PIM saat hearing terkait persoalan pupuk urea bersubsidi, Jumat (24/3) (ANTARA SUMBAR/Altas Maulana)
Lubuk Sikaping, (Antara Sumbar) - The Government of Pasaman District, West Sumatra, has distributed 5,982 tons of subsidized fertilizer to farmers in the area so that the price is more affordable.

Head of Facility and Infrastructure Section, Department of Agriculture, Syafri in Lubuk Sikaping, Tuesday (Sept 5), said the subsidized fertilizer is calculated from January to June 2017.

"The fertilizer that has been distributed is organic fertilizer, NPK, SP-36, ZA and Urea," he pointed out.

According to him, based on the existing data, urea fertilizer has been distributed 3085.65 tons with details in January 317.50 tons, February 918.30 tons, March 705.20 tons, April 224.65 tons, May 528.80 tons, and June 391.20 tons.

For NPK fertilizer that has been distributed were 1,744.70 tons, with distribution in January 201 tons, February 228 tons, March 108.70 tons, April 525.80 tons, May 357 tons, and June 324 tons, he explained.

Then for SP-36 fertilizer has been distributed 800 tons with details in January 20 tons, February 132.75 tons, March 259.35 tons, April 219.90 tons, May 36.50 tons, and June 131.50 tons .

"For organic fertilizer types was 289.30 tons and ZA 62.50 tons," he added.

He said the distribution of subsidized fertilizer needs to be supervised and it serves as Fertilizer and Pesticide Supervisory Commission (KP3).

"In carrying out the supervision, we review the field every six months," he said.

The reviews were conducted as in retail outlets, farmer groups and to farmers who received the subsidized fertilizer.

"Based on the results of supervision that has been done so far there has been no problematic distribution," he said. (*)


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