Saturday, 23 September 2017

South Solok Has 22 Blank Spots Area

Ilustrasi, titik api. (antara)
Padang Aro, (Antara Sumbar) - Information and Communication Office of South Solok District, West Sumatra, stated there are 22 blank spots or unreachable areas of cellular telephon, spread across seven sub-districts.

"To reduce the blank points, we have applied to Telkomsel to build Base Tranceiver Station (BTS) tower," Chief Executive Officer of Inforkom Sub-District Office of South Solok, Syamsurizal remarked in Padang Aro, Tuesday (Sept 5).

He said the proposal from South Solok was welcomed by Telkomsel and they promised to build seven to 10 BTS towers this year.

However, he said, Telkomsel has not conducted a survey to the point that will be built BTS until now.

"We are still waiting for Telkomsel's promise realization to build base stations in South Solok to accelerate blank spots reduction," he said.

He explained to build that tower, a third-party of BTS tower or Telkomsel would need a study such as the number that need to use and availability of power lines.

Although at one point is worthy to built BTS towers, but if there is no electricity, it will be difficult to implement the idea.

If it is built by local government, he said, it requires large funds, such as towers with 42 meters high cost Rp1 billion.

Therefore, he said, the efforts to build towers must be done by other parties, such as Telkomsel and other private companies.

South Solok enters one of the Outlying, Left and Left (3T) areas that still need tower provider.

In West Sumatra, there are still many areas that have not reached telecommunication network, such as in Mentawai Islands, parts of South Solok, West Pasaman, Pasaman, Sijunjung, Dharmasraya, Limapuluh Kota, and Solok District, especially in isolated areas that can not be passed by public transport. (*)


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