Saturday, 23 September 2017

W Sumatra Rastra Distribution Will Be 100 Percent In September

Illustration. (Antara)
Padang, (Antara Sumbar) - The Logistics Affairs Agency (Bulog) of West Sumatra is seeking rice distribution for the underprivileged (rastra) community in the area to be 100 percent completed in the first week of September 2017, to help communities in Eid al-Adha and ahead of the new year .

"Now, the average distribution of literature in West Sumatra has reached 96 percent, and in two weeks it is expected to complete all," West Sumatra Bulog Chief, Benhur Ngkaimi said in Padang on Tuesday (Aug 29).

Based on data from the West Sumatra Economic Bureau, the allocation of West Sumatra's literature reached 39.7 thousand tons for 220,991 Beneficiary Groups (KPM). From the allocation has been channeled about 38.1 thousand tons.

"Most of the regions already have a 100 percent distribution, but some are still 90 percent," he said.

As for the Mentawai Islands District, the distribution has been done until June 2017.

"For Mentawai, we drop it directly to the needs until December 2011. Target distribution as same as September," he said.

According to Benhur, the acceleration of rastra distribution is important to help the less fortunate people. In fact, based on data analysis, timely distribution can reduce poverty.

"If the literature gets into the hands of the Beneficiary Group (KPM), their current income can be saved or used for other purposes, if the literature is late, the income must be spent on basic necessities first," he said.

He said the completion of distribution of literature coincides with the implementation of economic census. Hopefully, it can have a positive effect on economy of vulnerable people.

Similarly, West Sumatra Economic Affairs Bureau Chief, Heri Nofriadi said the distribution of literature allocation up to 100 percent in September 2017 nd it is very helpful to underprivileged community in West Sumatra.

"This assistance is still effective to help the improvement of community welfare," he said.

He hopes the smooth distribution of literature can be maintained in the future. (cha)

Editor: Vicha Faradika


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