Saturday, 23 September 2017

Semen Padang Improves Players Motivation To Face Borneo

Illustration. (Antara)
Padang, (Antara Sumbar) - Semen Padang Football Club (SPFC) focuses on improving the motivation of players ahead of the game against Pusamania Borneo in the continued Go-Jek Traveloka League 1st 2017 competition at GOR Haji Agus Salim Stadium on Thursday (Aug 31).

"In the last game against Bali United, we lost, it is not good for the team and we are trying to motivate the players to play well and give the victory," head coach of Semen Padang, Nil Maizar stated in Padang, on Monday (Aug 28).

According to him, in the match against Bali United at home on Thursday (Aug 25) then, the players have played well but when they entered the second half, they were careless and the opposing team took advantage of it.

"Every game requires a high concentration, this is not owned by players and we fix it in practice," he said.

He said in the game, all players have to concentrate even though the team is ahead of the opposing team, so it does not provide an opportunity for opponent to catch up.

"In Bali's match, there are some players who do not focus and cause our team to conceded, in the future this should not happen again," he said.

Nil said at this time an injured player named goalkeeper Muhammad Ridwan who suffered pain at the waist and Rendy Sroyer was strengthening the team of Semen Padang U19.

"In addition, all the players in good condition and ready to play in facing Pusamania Borneo," he said.

Related to the presence of Muchlish Hadi Ning in the team, Nil Maizar said the former U19 national team player has started to adapt to the team scheme, even collaboration on the front lines with Marcel Sacramento and Vendry Mofu pretty good.

"We are optimistic with Muchlis Hadi's ability, his presence will be a solution for the team," he said.

While Brazilian Semen Padang striker Marcel Silva Sacramento says Muchlish Hadi Ning is a good player. He has good strength and ability as an attacker.

"He may quickly adapt and give his best ability to this team," Marcel said hopefully. (cha)

Editor: Vicha Faradika


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