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One Hundred Teachers of South Solok Were Trained in School Management

Illustration. Teacher on the classroom. (Antara)
Padang, (Antara Sumbar) - A total of 100 teachers from seven elementary schools from South Solok District, West Sumatra were trained in clean and healthy school management as an effort to create a comfortable educational environment.

"Training for the elementary school teachers, we do it by adopting the standards of school management from Japan," Head of Social Investment and Communications of Japfa Foundation, R Arstanti Alif stated through a press release received in Padang, on Thursday (Aug 24).

Japfa Foundation is Japfa Comfeed's corporate foundation.

The seven schools from Sangir Sub-district, South Solok District, which will undergo the program are SDN 04 Timbulun, SDN 06 Durian Taruang, SDN 07 and 18 Sungai Lambai, SDN 12, SDN 24 Pincuran Tujuah and SDN 14 Padang Aro.

In addition to train teachers, Japfa also trains students to become ambassadors of change in their schools. In the program, they will be equipped with four types of training namely healthy food ambassadors, healthy children ambassadors, and ambassadors of the environment.

He argues that these four trainings will be the basis of knowledge that will be reinforced during the time of mentoring.

Besides, the training is designed to touch all citizens of the school so that changes can occur on an ongoing basis.

"Each type of training will be attended by 42 students, after receiving their training will be the ambassadors of school changes," he continued.

According to him, this training is part of the program nemley "Japfa4kids" which is a social investment of Japfa since 2008.

In this year, Japfa4Kids program develops the principle of continuous change in the implementation of  program.

Through this principle, Japfa approaches in full and does not only in mentoring but also the measurement and evaluation of changes to schools.

"We will place two facilitators for six months to be a companion in each school with a view to encourage a change in net behavior in the institution," he added.

According to him, through this program, Japfa encourages schools to create school committees that will be responsible for implementing the program. The committee is tasked with ensuring changes in schools.

"There are at least two aspects that are encouraged to change, namely the formation of clean living behavior and healthy school," he added. (cha)

Editor: Vicha Faradika


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