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Mentawai Proposed 2,600 Hectares of Land in Tourism KEK

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Mentawai, (Antara Sumbar) - The Government of Mentawai Islands, West Sumatra proposed 2,600 hectares of land included in the Special Economic Zone (KEK) of tourism.

"From the results of our study and suggestion, Taileleu area in West Siberut Sub-district, Siberut Island is included in Tourism KEK," Head of Tourism, Youth and Sport of Mentawai, Desti Seminora stated in Tuapejat, Tuesday (Aug 22).

He explained, in a study conducted some time ago, Taileleu has complete potential for tourism investment with land that is connected as a whole and the land has been purchased by investor.

Besides having an unspoiled natural landscape, Taileleu also has a well-preserved cultural custom and marine tourism potentials.

In the development of tourism KEK, the preservation of culture becomes an important thing that must be maintained.

He further stated in the development of tourism KEK conducted by his party, it will guard and be involved intensively so that the development of KEK provides benefits to local community.

"Currently, investors have been sending and training local people who will work in KEK area, which is considered very good so that people will have good skills in tourism work," he explained.

KEK in Mentawai, he added, will have an impact on economic growth and increasing level of local people's economy and give a positive impact on the climate of West Sumatra tourism.

To control the construction of KEK, it will make rules in connecting investment with community, including the involvement of people who want to participate in investing.

Government of Mentawai Island itself targets the value of investment that can flow in through Mentawai KEK can penetrate Rp1 trillion. This figure will be expected to include the construction of airports, resorts and hotels, as well as a new dock to accommodate cruises.

Desti explained, in supporting Mentawai KEK, local government will ensure the availability of infrastructure such as roads, airports and other supporting infrastructures. (cha)

Editor: Vicha Faradika


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