Saturday, 23 September 2017

Padang Makes Serious Efforts in Strengthening Gunung Padang Development

Peak of Gunung Padang. (Antara)
Padang, (Antara Sumbar) - The Government of Padang Municipality, West Sumatra seeks to strengthen and improve infrastructure development around Gunung Padang Integrated Tourism Area (KWT).

"We continue to seek and offer to investors to build a number of tourism support facilities in the area," Padang Mayor Mahyeldi stated in Padang, on Monday (Aug 21).

He mentioned there are several facilities plans that will be equipped along the coast from Bungus to Muaro Lasak Beach.

Such as the cable car that will be used as tourist transportation on the coast of Padang along five kilometers.

Related to this, he said from the study and analysis cost Rp45 billion, so far, there has been a bid but will be evaluated soon.

Other facilities that will be strengthened such as tourist ports, tourist transportation such as monorail and rail bus, its tracks and arena playing on the beach.

It is calculated to require more than Rp700 billion to realize the facility.

"Several times overseas, we offer the potential and expected there is an opportunity to enter after, as last in Malaysia," he said.

Not only that, he mentioned on several occasions, his side also invited foreign investors in the activities of meetings, seminars, or discussions.

Nevertheless, he said by the existing of financing sources today, it continues to make beach improvements.

Such as equipping of the road along Samudra Road, completing parking area, mushala, merchant room, and road repairing at some points.

So far, both Tourism Office, the Public Works Department, the Environment Agency and community continue to work in developing Padang Beach become the best destination in the world.

Meanwhile, maritime observers from University of Andalas Padang, Dr Indra Junaidi appreciates the efforts of local government to arrange Padang beach.

Nevertheless, he said in addition to environmental tourism sectors such as the presence of coral reefs should be considered.

Do not get, he added due to the construction of large-scale beach tourism can sacrifice the surrounding biodiversity. (cha)

Editor: Vicha Faradika


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