Saturday, 23 September 2017

48 Schools Receive Provincial Adiwiyata Award

Adiwiyata Award. (Antara)
Padang, (Antara Sumbar) - A total of 48 schools in West Sumatra receive a provincial-level adiwiyata award in 2017 as a form of participation in the education world in safeguarding and preserving the environment.

"48 schools ranging from elementary, junior and senior high schools both public and private scattered in 18 districts and cities in West Sumatra," Head of West Sumatra Environmental Services and Capacity Building, Dasril remarked in Padang, Thursday (August 17).

He mentioned the awards are divided into two categories, the first category of the top ten are MAN 2 Singkarak Solok District, SMAN 2 Painan South Pesisir, MAN 3 Padang, SMP Maria Padang, SMPN 1 Pulau Punjung Dharmasraya.

Next, MTsN Sikakap Mentawai Islands, SDN 03 Koto Kaciak Agam District, SDN 05 Sungai Sungkai South Solok, SDN 25 Ampaleh Tanah Datar, and SDN 39 Mata Air Padang.

For the standard category, it is gotten by eight school of Padang, Padang Pariaman (4), Bukittinggi (2), Limapuluh Kota (4), Pasaman Barat (1), Agam (5), Tanah Datar (1), Kota Solok (3).

Then Solok Selatan (2), Pasaman District (1), Pariaman (1), Dharmasraya (2), Padang Panjang (3), and South Pesisir (1) school.

"The whole school will be awarded today by Governor of West Sumatra," he said.

He explained the purpose of adiwiyata program is to create good conditions for school to become a place of learning and awareness of the school's residents.

So then, he said the school is also responsible in the efforts to save environment and sustainable development.

He hopes that schools that get adiwiyata also should not be complacent because adiwiyata program is not only applied when the assessment alone but as long as the school is in operation.

Adiwiyata school that participates at the provincial level, he said first must pass at district level. Then for the national level, the passing grade which must be passed is 72.

Meanwhile, one of the assessment team from Bung Hatta University, Salman Assahary hoped that the schools that have been and will receive the provincial adiwiyata award can continue to run the program.

"Do not just type in the assessment of environment-based school programs implemented but it must be continuous," he added. (cha)

Editor: Vicha Faradika


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