Saturday, 23 September 2017

Five Indicators of a Qualified Pts: Kopertis X

Kopertis X Office. (Antara)
Padang, (Antara Sumbar) - Coordinator of Higher Education (Kopertis) X, Prof Herri said there are five indicators that make a private university (PTS) qualified.

"Quality PTS has a building, good accreditation, sufficient number of lecturers, do not do lecture on Saturday and Sunday, adequate facilities, as well as accreditation of good study program," Herri said in Padang on Wednesday (August 16).

According to PTS, it is said to be qualified if it has adequate lecture building, do not ride as well as facilities such as libraries, department rooms, and laboratories which are available.

Then it is said to be qualified if it has enough lecturers, meaning with existing courses, each field is managed by a competent lecturer.

Sometimes, he said, lecturers who do not master a particular field to teach in the course was consequently the science which is not absorbed by students.

To search it for prospective students, it is necessary to conduct a survey to friends or college relatives at the college.

"Then the qualified PTS conducts lectures on public days or Monday to Friday just like the state campus," he said.

One of the quality indicators, Herri said, a lecturer who teaches is more focusing than lectures on Saturday and Sunday.

Given lecture on Saturday and Sunday which are part of the holiday, he said there are many lecturers who do not teach university student seriously.

As a result, the taught material is less likely to reach the target.

Indicators of this lecture schedule need to be the attention of public when viewing the ad reception student.

"The most important of qualified PTS qualifications is accredited A or B. Then it registered in Kopertis and related ministry, both institutions and Prodi," he said.

Simply stated, PTS or study program which has A or B accreditation is considered to have qualified well and eligible to be selected.

However, the public should avoid private universities that are not accredited because it will have an impact on the continuation of lectures and graduation.

"Clearly PTS or PTN is not registered and not accredited, it is not justified to carry out graduation and diploma which is not recognized," he said.

Another thing to note is the variety of courses owned by PTS.

PTS with many study programs and do not owned by PTN, then worth good accreditation, this PTS is qualified. (cha)

Editor: Vicha Faradika


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