Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Realization of Padang Tax Reaches 40.2 Percent

Illustration. (Antara)
Padang, (Antara Sumbar) - Realization of local tax in Padang Municipality, West Sumatera in second quarter of 2017 reached 40.2 percent or Rp134.5 billion from total target of Rp334.5 billion.

"The amount of tax revenue has increased compared to same quarter of 2016 which amounted to 39.05 percent with total target per year Rp295 billion," Head of Billing and Inspection Regional Revenue of Padang, Budi Payan stated in Padang, Wednesday (July 12).

According to him, tax revenue had targeted each for the first quarter 20 percent, second quarter 40 percent, third quarter 75 percent, and fourth quarter 100 percent.

So even though it is entering the sixth month, it does not mean the target of tax revenue must be 50 percent, because previously local government have had the appropriate target that has been in the SK that is equal to 40 percent, he added.

He explained tax revenue is sourced from 11 items, such as hotel taxes, restaurants, entertainment, billboards, street lighting, parking and ground water.

Furthermore, tax sources from swiftlet nests, non-metallic minerals and rocks, Land and Building Acquisition Duties (BPHTB) as well as land and building taxes.

"From eleven items, there are two reception item that does not fulfill the targets, ground water tax and land and building tax which respectively reached 34.46 percent and 18.12 percent," he said.

In detail, local tax revenues for second quarter of 2017, namely hotel realization Rp13.78 billion or 41 percent, and restaurants realized Rp14.3 billion or 46.89 percent.

Then entertainment taxes realized Rp3.56 billion or 22.68 percent, billboards realized Rp4.1 billion or 40.75 percent, and street lighting tax (PPJ) realized Rp47.2 billion or 49.22 percent.

Furthermore, revenue from parking tax realized Rp862 million or 41.06 percent, ground water tax realized Rp308 million or 34.46 percent, swallow bird nest tax realized Rp2 million or 40 percent.

And non-metallic mineral and rock tax revenues realized Rp18.6 billion or 40.81, taxes BPHTB realized Rp21 billion 42.36 percent, and the UN realized Rp10.6 billion or 18.13 percent. (cha)

Editor: Vicha Faradika


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