Saturday, 23 September 2017

Arrival Travelers in BIM Up 14 Percent

Illustration. (Antara)
Padangpariaman, (Antara Sumbar) - Angkasa Pura II Inc., Ltd. Minangkabau International Airport (BIM) in Padangpariaman, West Sumatra, noted the flow of travelers arrivals at the airport on H-2 or 23 June 2017 increased 14 percent compared to same period of previous year.

"On H-2, number of homecomers who come are 8,336 people use 45 flights, while in 2016 only 7,334 people," Public Relations of Angkasa Pura II Inc., Ltd. Minangkabau International Airport, Fendrick Sondra stated in Padangpariaman, Saturday (June 24).

He conveyed this figure decreased compared to the number of homecoming arrivals on H-3 or June 22, 2017 which arrived to reach 8,682 people by using 44 flights.

"Associated with the peak of arrival flow can not be ascertained because there are still today," he said.

Meanwhile entering H-2, the flow of departure at Minangkabau International Airport remained high at 5,521 people by using 45 flights.

"This figure actually rose drastically to 46 percent compared to 2016 which was only 3,777," he said.

On the other hand, to maximize services for travelers starting H-3 prepared additional personnel from internal for service and addition of TNI and Police to assist security.

For Police, there are an additional five personnel per day and the Navy and seven people of AU per day, he said.

He said officers will also conduct random checks of vehicles while entering the airport at parking door, he added.

Anticipating the peak of homecoming, for parking of vehicles in and out, Minangkabau International Airport begins to operate the completed parking gates and expanded road use.

Not only that, to serve travelers, Minang traditional musical entertainment is prepared in welcoming travelers who arrived at airport.

"Starting H-3 or June 22, 2017 to H+3 or June 29, 2017, we prepare musical entertainment namely talempong in the area of ​​arrival of passengers and airport hallways," he said.

According to him, provision of musical instrument entertainment talempong is one form of service to travelers who in general are Minang migrants who want to go home.

Welcoming travelers, West Sumatera Provincial Government prepare a map of leading tourist destinations that can be used as a reference for tourists and foreigners during Lebaran holiday 1438 Hijriah in arrival area of BIM.

"In addition to promoting tourist destinations, this is also to facilitate tourists and travelers to choose destination they want to visit," Head of Tourism of West Sumatra Oni Yulfian added. (cha)

Editor: Vicha Faradika


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