Saturday, 21 October 2017

Mandeh To Be Central Government Priority Program: Legislator

Mandeh area. (Antara)
Padang, (Antara Sumbar) - Members of Commission V West Sumatra Legislative Assembly (DPRD), Saidal Musfiyuddin proposed Integrated Tourism Region (KWT) Mandeh in South Pesisir to enter in Central Government priority program of tourism development.

Saidal in Padang here, on Friday (March 17) stated the development of KWT Mandeh today is constraining on land release regulation so that the investors can not do investment there.

According to the data from Tourism Agency of West Sumatra, it is constrained by land release Act numbet 2, 2012 about land release for public interest.

Then, Act mentioned only 18 items of land types that can be free for public interest and from all of them, there is no land item for tourism.

There is solution of Agrarian Ministry on Rule number 6, 2015 which related to land procurement outside those 18 items.

However, there is a condition later which related to which one of tourism developmentt should be in priority programs of central government, he said.

Therefore, West Sumatra DPRD encourages provincial government to take the action, he affirmed.

"Vice Governor of West Sumatra, Nasrul Abit who has been focused on tourism improvement can appeal to Ministry of Tourism to discuss it," he explained.

Then, if it can not be enforced, provincial government will try alternative way that invites communities who had their own land around Mandeh object tourism to do direct investment to local government.

"People who want to invest their land to provincial government will be accepted, so both people and government have their own advantages and have such contribution on it," he said.

It is an alternative way that may be taken by provincial government and certainly must be done with good approach to community, he said.

"But if central government can provide a way out, it will be better," he added. (cha/ra)

Editor: Vicha Faradika


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