Sunday, 24 September 2017

Antara To Support W Sumatra Tourism Promotion

LKBN Antara. (Antara)
Padang, (Antara Sumbar) - National News Agency (LKBN) Antara, West Sumatra Official had a commitment to support provincial tourism promotion to be known more and become the major of tourist destination in Indonesia or even world, Head of Official West Sumatra of LBKN Antara, Azhari stated in here on Thursday (March 16).

"West Sumatra has a big tourism potential. There are so many destinations which scattered in 19 districts and municipalities and they must be developed to increase economy sector in society," he expleined.

He said in becoming one of major tourist destinations, there are several strategies must be done in order to attract investors to get into West Sumatra tourism sector.

"One of strategies that can be done is promoting destination and investment opportunities in those destinations," he affirmed

Antara has a big networking up to many countries in the world and it is potentially to be very effective in tourism promotion, he added.

Then, the power of networking cooperation with leading news agencies in the world also stands up, moreover there are 300 customers from various national medias which need Antara to distribute such news, photos and videos.

For LKBN Antara news products, it has text in form of news portals, television and photos.

The news produst is also quoted by world-class news agencies which already cooperated with Antara such as AAP (Australia), Reuters (British), AFP (France), DPA (Germany), Kyodo (Japan), Bernama (Malaysia), Xinhua (China) and others.

Azhari explained the product of television broadcast over cable TV also incorporated in Indonesian members of Cable TV Association (ICTA) and Youtube. It extends delivery of local content on television to Indonesia remote networked.

Besides, Antara TV news content products already aired on cable TV 267 in Indonesia and the total will be continued to grow as the increasing total of ICTA members.

Antara TV has hardnews content and features which all of them might raise potential of the area, and serve tourism potential, he pointed.

Meanwhile, Antara had a commitment in receiving the appreciation from Head of Tourism Agency of West Sumatra, Oni Yulfian.

"We realize in developing tourism sector, it is not enough if we just merely the role government. It must complete by cooperation between all parties, one of them is mass media," he added.

He believes Official West Sumatra of LBKN Antara commitment to help the promotion of tourism destination which later will give positive impact to provincial tourism progressing. (cha/ro)

Editor: Vicha Faradika


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