Saturday, 21 October 2017

Transport Ministry To Issue Certificates For 48,000 Seamen

Illustration. (Antara)
Surabaya, E Java, (Antara Sumbar) - The Transport Ministry through the  Transport Human Resources Development Agency hopes to issue certificates for 48,000 trained seamen  this year.

Education and training  would be opened  in various areas to turn out skilled seamen, head of the Human Resources Development Body of the Transport Ministry Wahyu Satrio Utomo said here on Wednesday (March 15).

The country still need many skilled seamen, that the government considered it necessary to provide training before issuing the certificate  for them, Wahyu said.

He said the training is free for people especially in front line or outer islands, adding training would also be open for those already have jobs in individually run shipping business to improve their skill and increase their competence.

"We also invite school drop outs including those of police and the military to join in the training," he added.

Training has begun at the Shipping Poly technique Education Institute of Surabaya since last week, he said, adding maritime training is provided in 23 schools under the transport ministry all over Indonesia. 

Training includes in basic safety, advanced training in fire fighting , safety concern in line with the "Standards of Training Certification and Watch keeping of Seafarers" based on Manila Amendment 2010.

"Training this year would be for 48,000 prospective seamen. Next tear we would double the capacity," he said.

The training program is already underway for two years. In Surabaya it is the second batch.

"With this program, the government hopes to reduce sea accidents as ships would be manned by seamen with adequate competence," Wahyu said.

He said the transport ministry has coordinated with INSA (Indonesian National Shipowners' Association) that graduates of the training are given the same opportunity  with graduates from other educational institutes  to work in ships. (*)

Editor: Vicha Faradika


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