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Former Home Affairs Minister Arrives At Corruption Court

Gamawan Fauzi. (Antara)
Jakarta, (Antara Sumbar) - Former home affairs minister Gamawan Fauzi arrived at the Jakarta Corruption Court at about 8:45 a.m. local time, Thursday, to give testimony in a corruption case pertaining to the electronic identity card (e-ID) project.

Fauzi arrived with his lawyers and was immediately swarmed by journalists who had thronged the Jakarta Corruption Court and were keen to obtain information from him.

The former minister denied having received money from the e-ID project and urged all sides to not spread slander against others.

"We respect the legal process in court and should allow it to run normally. One should not spread slander against others," he stated in reply to a reporter's question.

He denied having met members of the House of Representatives (DPR) -- Nazaruddin, Anas Urbaningrum, and Setya Novanto -- to endorse the e-ID project worth Rp5.9 trillion.

"I did not know who Nazaruddin was. I have only seen him on television but have never met him face-to-face and have also never met Anas and Setya Novanto. I only followed the normal procedures and regulations," the former home affairs minister noted.

Apart from Fauzi, the Corruption Court will also hear the testimonies of former finance minister, currently governor of Bank Indonesia Agus Martowardojo, former home affairs secretary general Diah Anggraeni, and former population director general of the Home Affairs Ministry Rasyid Saleh on Thursday.

During a previous court session, the prosecutor's indictment cited the role of Fauzi who was home affairs minister for the 2009-2014 term in the procurement of the e-ID project.

"In November 2009, Fauzi had urged the finance minister to change the source of the project's financing from foreign grant loans to pure state budget," the prosecutor of the Corruption Eradication Commission Eva Yustisiana had stated at the Jakarta Corruption Court on Thursday (Mar 9).

Yustisiana said the minister's request was later discussed during a working meeting between the House of Representatives (DPR) and the Home Affairs Ministry.

In this case, former director general of population and civil administration Irman and former planning bureau chief at the population and civil administration of the Home Affairs Ministry Sugiharto were charged along with Novanto, the former faction chairman of the Golkar Party in the DPR; Andi Agustinus alias Andi Narogong, the goods and service supplier at the home affairs ministry; Dia Anggraeni, the secretary general of the home affairs ministry; and Drajat Wisnu Setyawan, the chief organizer for the project procurement, for corruption in the e-ID procurement project for the 2011-2012 period.

In May 2010, Irman met Fauzi, Anggraeni, M. Nazaruddin, Agustinus, and several members of Commission II at that time -- Chaeruman Harahap, Ganjar Pranowo, Taufik Efendi, Teguh Djuwarno, Ignatius Mulyono, Mustoko Weni, and Arief Wibowo -- in the working room of Commission II of the DPR to discuss the e-ID project as a priority program to be financed with a state budget fund on a multi-year basis.

The meeting also reached an agreement that Agustinus will be entrusted with implementing the project, as he was already familiar with the Home Affairs Ministry.

Weni guaranteed that Agustinus will offer a fee to the DPR members and several officials at the Home Affairs Ministry. Agustinus had agreed to it.

Fauzi then sent a letter on December 21, 2010, to Finance Minister Agus Martowardojo to seek his consent for using a multi-year contract for the e-ID procurement project. This was the second request, as the first one had been rejected.

In order to anticipate a similar rejection, Agustinus gave US$1 million to Anggraeni to facilitate the discussion on the multi-year contract.

On June 21, 2011, under the proposal of Sugiharto, Fauzi assigned the consortium of state-owned printing house firm (PNRI) as the winner of the auction, with a price offering of Rp5.81 trillion, followed by the signing of the contract.

However, until March 2012, the PNRI consortium was unable to complete its work target of issuing 65.34 million e-ID forms worth Rp1.045 trillion, prompting Fauzi to seek additional funds worth Rp1.49 trillion from the 2013 revised state budget.

During the e-ID procurement process in March 2011, Sugiharto, through Yosep Sumartono, again received $800 thousand from Agustinus.

Furthermore, Agustinus gave $2 million to Fauzi through Afdal Noverman, so that the auction of the e-ID project would not be cancelled by Fauzi.

"In order to facilitate the assignment of the auction winner, in mid-June of 2011, Andi Agustinus once again gave $2.5 million to Fauzi through his brother Azmin Aulia, so that until June 21, 2011, Fauzi, based on the memo of the chief auction organizer, decided to name the PNRI consortium as the winner of the auction, with an offer of Rp5.84 trillion," the prosecutor explained.

On April 16, 2012, Irman had received $700 thousand from Agustinus. Of this amount, $100 thousand was handed over to Sugiharto, $300 thousand to Anggraeni, and according to Fauzi's instruction, Rp500 million was to be used to finance a working meeting and national seminar of the Village Government Association throughout Indonesia in Yogyakarta on March 24, 2014. The rest of the money was given to Irman.

Hence, in this case, Fauzi had allegedly received $4.5 million and Rp50 million. (*)

Editor: Vicha Faradika


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