Saturday, 21 October 2017

Agam To Build Floating Landing Location

Illustration. (Antara)
Lubuk Basung, (Antara Sumbar) - Agam District Government, West Sumatra, needs Rp3 billion budgeting to build a floating landing location for paragliding athletes in Maninjau Lake, Tanjung Raya Sub-district, Head of Agam Tourism, Youth and Sport, Hadi Suryadi stated in Lubuk Basung here, on Wednesday (March 15).

"This budget is used to build fiberglass landing location in Maninjau Lake which has 100 meters width and 100 meters length," he said.

In implementing this plan, local government has applied proposal for the funding to Ministry of Tourism at the beginning of 2017.

He said, hopefully, Ministry of Tourism approves the request and Agam will build first paragliding landing locations in the world in 2018.

"The information that we get from the board of Indonesian Aero Sport Federation (FASI) West Sumatra, there is no floating landing in the world," he affirmed.

Hadi stated the development of paragliding floating landing site is originated from the difficulty of Agam government in getting the location of landing development in Bayua, Tanjung Raya Sub-district, due to the residents sell the land too high.

Then, his institution has an idea to build a floating landing and it was approved by FASI West Sumatra.

In 2017, Agam will be the host of an international paragliding competition which hold on May 5-8, 2017.
This activity takes takeoff locations in Puncak Lawang in Matur Sub-district and landing location in Bayua of Tanjung Raya Sub-district.

Today there are 17 countries have signed in that competition such as the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapura, Vietnam, Switzerland, Netherlands, and Germany. (cha/ri)

Editor: Vicha Faradika


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