Saturday, 21 October 2017

Tanah Datar To Develop Village Randai Studio

Randai. (Antara)
Batusangkar, (Antara Sumbar) - Regional Communication and Information Agency of Tanah Datar District will provide a guidance to community group in that village, includes Community Information Group (KIM) program, Head of that Agency, Erizal Ramli stated in Batusangkar here, on Tuesday (March 14).

"We are proud of generation spirit who follow traditional randai as an effort to prevent negative impact of promiscuity and drug abuse," he said.

He said local government asses traditional studios and it can be used as medium to convey informations and messages to community there.

Meanwhile, Head of Information Development of Communication and Information Agency, Mustafa Akmal conveys the information which is submitted may be danger of drug abuse for young people, how to respect your parents, and away from other negative actions.

Situmbuak Village in Salimpaung Sub-district trains 30 students of SLTP and SMTA level for randai art under the guidance of "Sanggar Satumpuak Ampek Jurai" Situmbuak Village.

This action hoped to make randai traditions can be maintained, he added.

Meanwhile, Head of Satumpuak Ampek Jurai Situmbuak Village studio, Oktavianto said randai artistic activity had been conducted from July 2016 by spending Rp10 million in coaching young activities.

There are many supporting from KAN committee, BPRN and Youth in Situmbuak Village. It includes in always watching exercises performed in GOR Badminton Situmbuak every Saturday night, he added. (cha/ra)

Editor: Vicha Faradika


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