Sunday, 24 September 2017

1296.2 Hectares W Sumatra Agriculture Commodity Submerged By Floods

Illustration. (Antara)
Padang (Antara Sumbar) - There are 1296.2 hectares people agriculture commodities in West Sumatra failed to harvest because of the submerging of floods and landslides which hit three subdistricts such as Limapuluh Kota, Sijunjung and Dharmasraya.

Head of Provincial Plantation, Horticulture and Crops Food, Chandra in Padang here, on Wednesday (March 8) said agriculture commodities which submerged by floods are 1,252 hectares rice, 35.5 hectares corn and 8.7 hectares vegetables.

He said total of financial lost because of the failing of harvest reached Rp5.2 billion which consist of Rp5 billion for rice, Rp142 million for corn and Rp87 million for vegetables.

"It is the temporary data that we have gotten. It may increase, based on regional reports later," he said.

Earlier, West Sumatra Governor, Irwan Prayitno asked every related institute to collect the data of financial lost in agriculture and animal husbandry sector in every region that submerged by flood.

Then, after getting the data, Governor asked related institute to give such assist to those local people.

For the temporary time, he added, the assist is focused in logistic such as food and clean water in dissaster locations. (cha)

Editor: Vicha Faradika


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