Saturday, 21 October 2017

Computer Based National Exam To Minimize Dishonesty: PGRI

Illustration. UNBK. (Antara)
Padang (Antara Sumbar) - Head of West Sumatra Indonesian Teachers Association (PGRI), Zainal Akil in Padang here, on Tuesday (March 7) stated Computer Based National Exam (UNBK) 2017 can minimize cheating or dishonesty during its implementation.

"UNBK can minimize dishonesty or moreover it will not occur. We support the implementation of UNBK because it can build the honest soul, both teachers and students," he said.

So that UNBK implementation be hope to produce qualified students, he added.

He explained UNBK can become material for the evaluation later which includes by seeing the results and knowing the extenting of student ability and teacher role as educators.

The result later can be the reference for the improvement of the education quality both in West Sumatra and Indonesia in general.

Besides, the preparation of school related to UNBK implementation is required.

"For facilities and infrastructures preparation, readiness mental of students in the exam must be considered that the exam can be followed maximum by the student," he said.

Head of Section Curriculum Basic Education Education of Padang Municipality, Ramson said local government encourages school in that area in order to implement UNBK 2017.

"UNBK results will be more reliable in integrity than using paper," he affirmed. (cha/ri)

Editor: Vicha Faradika


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