Saturday, 21 October 2017

Padang To Forbid Cigarette Commercial In 2018

Illustration. (Antara)
Padang (Antara Sumbar) - The Government of Padang, West Sumatra will apply the banning of cigarette commecial in public areas in 2018 as effort of young generation redemption from cigarette danger, Padang Mayor Mahyeldi in here, on Thursday (Feb 2) stated.

"Cigarette commercial in Padang only contributes Rp2 billion per year, but it causes a lot of damages so that we plans to forbid its commercial and it is starting in 2018," he said.

He appraised the message that cigarette commercial during this time, just full of lying and it different from real fact.

Such as, he explained, there is cigarette commercial which show a firm man, healthy and it looks great and strong while the fact shows different.

Besides, the banning of cigarette commercial in public areas be done as a step of young generation preparation in welcoming demography bonus in 2045, he said.

"At that time, nation leadership be in young generation hands right now. But if they had been poisoned by cigarette, they will come into being unquality people," he said.

The Mayor added Padang have had regional rule about area without cigarette and it will be completed as soon as possible to be applied in 2018. (cha)

Editor: Vicha Faradika


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