Sunday, 24 September 2017

W. Sumatra Provincial Government Ready to Complete PIP File

Padang, W. Sumatra, (Antara) – The government of West Sumatra through the Information Management and Documentation Officer said it will soon complete the relevant file Padang Industrial Park within 14 working days.

Completions this file is the result of mediation between the parties and Documentation Information Management Officer (PPID) of West Sumatra as defendant by Isa Kurniawan as the applicant in the Information Committee (KI) in West Sumatra.

"From the results of mediation was agreed we will soon complete the file requested by the applicant," Head of Public Relations Bureau PPID Analysis Syahrul said on Wednesday.

He explained some of the requested information including the applicant related documents capital of West Sumatra provincial government statement on PIP and evidence of cooperation agreements with the investors.

"The information we gave earlier is not yet complete because some files on the statement of capital assets are still in the bureau and the bureau of the economy," he said.

Meanwhile coordinator Observer Community of West Sumatra (Kapas) Isa Kurniawan, who became applicant said it requires all information related to the capital of West Sumatra provincial government statement on PIP.

According to him the statement of this capital has been unclear because since the 1990s no funds into the local treasury.

He added of this information will be expected also to see the deed of the companies involved in the PIP as well as observe the shareholders and see the extent of the involvement of the provincial government in this regard.

"From the beginning has been no irregularities of this PIP project, feared future funds should go to the local treasury instead enjoyed by persons who are not responsible," he said.

Previously Isa also been bringing the case to trial KI, it is done so that the provincial government could openly tell the community about the equity participation in PIP, for allegedly asset administration who are here just disappear as a result of the game elements.

According to him in the area of Padang Industrial Park is already happening buying or selling land owned by the provincial government unilaterally by PIP to several companies.

"If found offense in the PIP case, this should be investigated thoroughly by the relevant parties," he said. (*tar)


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