Saturday, 21 October 2017

Padang Host on Healthy Cities Indonesia Conference

Padang, W. Sumatra, (Antara) – Padang city, West Sumatra to be host the Healthy Cities Conference and Exhibition held in Indonesia on November 3 and 4, 2016.

The activity was the fourth time that is held every two years with the theme "Healthy Cities and Integrated Smart City". The conference was held at the Grand Inna Muara Hotel.

"We are grateful to Padang city to be the host 4th city's healthy," mayor of Padang Mahyeldi Ansarullah said on Wednesday.

He said that with the election of Padang to host the conference were expected to accelerate and improve the area into a healthy city.

According to him order of a healthy city in Padang include residential areas public facilities and infrastructure which the activities have been conducted in Padang include testing of vehicle emissions, fostering settlements by developing the maintenance of the environment and soursop crop cultivation.

"To solve the garbage problem in Padang city, Padang City Government has been implementing programs to continue Clean garbage regulations number 21 in 2015," he said.

Thus, he continued Padang currently has 350 volunteers cleanliness.

Then the traffic area orderly and transportation services for healthy urban fabric Padang has executed Regional program orderly traffic from Jalan Sudirman to Jalan Sulaiman Khatib.

As well as the use of Area Traffic Control System (ATCS) equipped with CCTV cameras at each intersection with a working system "off-on" to set the duration of the green light that serves to reduce vehicle jammed crossroads.

Furthermore, the availability of mass transit Trans Padang keep passengers safely secure and comfortable when in it which are equipped with air conditioning, appliance handrails, running text, cameras, glass breaker in case of emergencies as well as seating for passengers elderly, pregnant women, children and passengers with special needs and other facilities. (*tar)


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