Saturday, 21 October 2017

Gov”t Call Society Not Use Plastic Bags

Padang, W. Sumatra, (Antara) – The government of Padang, West Sumatra appealed to the community, especially businessmen not to use plastic bags as a wrapper because it is considered dangerous.

"Actually, there have been banning the use of plastic bags by the government, in this case we are more emphasized," Head of Department of Hygiene and Al Amin said on Sunday.

He mentioned the reason of prohibiting the use of plastic bag especially for food for their inherent hazardous substances.

According to the analysis and examination of National Agency of Drug and Food specially colored plastic bags are recycled products that allegedly harmful material.

Perhaps, he said there used waste disease, heavy metal waste or human sewage.

Besides the time of manufacture is also inserted harmful chemicals so very fragile emergence of toxins or toxic when used as a food wrap.

"Currently, the existence of plastic bags like the black color is still a lot, need to attempt to change slowly," he added.

In the future it will disseminate to businessmen and the markets if necessary the plastic entrepreneur.

They will also be taken directly to the public through the village in order to avoid the use of black or other colored crackle it.

However, he added if the use can not be avoided black crackle expected to be disposed of in special disposal of plastic waste.

Because so the environment will not be polluted by the scattered plastic considering plastic degradation that takes a long time.

"We hope people understand and instantly goes into a bag more secure, effective and efficient," he said.(*tar)


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