Sunday, 24 September 2017

Gov’t of Solok Selatan District Secure an Assets

Padang Aro, W.Sumatra, Sep 08 (Antara Sumbar) - District Government (Pemkab) of Solok Selatan, West Sumatra (Sumbar), did some efforts of regional assets such as land and buildings that were considered vulnerable to a unilateral decision by the local residents.

  "We have this year conducted the installation of fences and signpost brand in 10 points the regional assets that are considered prone to making unilateral due directly adjacent to the settlements," said Head of Regional Asset Department of Revenue, Finance and Asset South Solok Akmal Hamdi in Padang Aro, Wednesday.

From the 10 items of physical assets secured, eight of them just ground and two more were a buildings and lands.

 He explained the process of securing an assets were divided into three parts, namely the administration, physical and juridical.

 “Security as administered waas form of recording that was collected become one bundle. While the physical installation of fencing and signs on the brand and the juridical such as the issuance of certificates,” he added

In addition to the security of assets, , this year there was the elimination of regional asset that considered no longer feasible or potentially dangerous.

  Nine of assets deleted namely the building surgeon General Hospital (RSUD) built in 1986, the land grant of 3,000 square meters for the General Election Commission, and the land office call centers, building IGD health center Muaralabuh and the rest of the building space of teaching and learning and homes department teacher started elementary to high school level.

"We removed of these assets based on the proposals of the relevant SKPD and after a review was recently decided whether or not deleted," he said.

 He argued, asset reporting system was divided into two parts, namely fixed assets and other assets.

 For fixed assets, he explained that the assets that can be used to support the task because it only suffered minor damage while the other asset condition severely damaged and lost.

  He added that there were many assets, especially of the education sector as official residences of teachers that was considered dangerous and should be removed.

"Many of the official residence of the teacher that should be eliminated but we never received a proposal from the relevant authorities," he explained. (*Ra)


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