Sunday, 24 September 2017

Community Asks to Government Socialize Cigarette Price Increase

Padang, W. Sumatra, (Antara) - A number of people from various circles in Padang city asked the government to socialize about the increase the cigarette prices would reach Rp50000 per pack.

"These cigarettes have become a necessity for most important work profession, if the increased price necessary to have clear and comprehensive information," one of the community in Kuranji Padang, Darmawi said on Saturday.

According to him cigarettes become an important requirement for people, especially the lower classes such as construction workers, farmers, fishermen, traders and public transpo

rt drivers, the price increase will have an impact on earnings.

Moreover, if only the price of cigarettes increased without socialization then enough potential there are social conflicts.

"Socialization is particularly important in giving reason for the higher prices and related steps in it," he said.

This socialization, he said in the form of an explanation of the increase in cigarette prices, including gains and losses or no other purpose behind it.

According to him if it was to reduce the number of smokers is considered difficult, because the price of expensive communities are still going to buy.

Because cigarettes have a powerful opiate to suck it up, it is not impossible later it appears the crimes of the middle to lower community .

Nevertheless he supports the government's move, but he warned of side effects, it is necessary to be preparation of the government's solution to overcome it. (*tar)


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