Sunday, 24 September 2017

Shanghai Port seized Seven Snakes In Package

Shanghai, May 20 (ANTARA / Xinhua - OANA ) - Shanghai Port seized seven snakes in one package from Taiwan , the Bureau of Quarantine and Inspection of the city said on Tuesday ( 19/5 ) .

It was the first time the snake had been confiscated in the shipment , the bureau said .

The snake, boa constrictor type , derived from South America and Central , Xinhua reported, monitored Antara here on Wednesday. All reptiles are snakes are non-venomous pet ,Li Qiang said, Director of the Bureau .

"The box was seized on Monday , "Li said. " Animals live without inspection and quarantine can carry viruses or pathogens and potentially dangerous. "

Animal life is not allowed to be brought into the Chinese through delivery services . ( * )


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