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A Brief History

Perum LKBN ANTARA news agency was established on December 13, 1937 by Adam Malik, Soemanang, A.M Sipahoetar and Pandoe Kartawagoena, when the spirit of national independence is driven by the young fighters.

BETWEEN success broadcast Proclamation of Indonesian Independence on August 17, 1945 to the whole world is a form of love and great devotion to the struggle of the Indonesian nation. 1962, ANTARA officially became the National News Agency that are directly under the President of the Republic of Indonesia.

For more than half a century, ANTARA as one of the largest news agency in the world is determined to always deliver news and photos about important events and advanced rapidly and completely to the whole world.

Support by information technology, ANTARA have communication network that reaches every corner of the country and the world. ANTARA has bureaus in each province as well as representatives in some municipalities / districts. In order to present the foreign news with the national perception, ANTARA controlling agency / representative in New York, Canberra, Kuala Lumpur, Cairo and Sana'a.

For needs of the global information society, BETWEEN also formed a partnership, both commercial and non-commercial, with news agencies around the world, such as the AAP (Australia), Reuters (UK), AFP (France), DPA (Germany) Kyodo (Japan), Bernama (Malaysia), Xinhua (PR China), CIC (Columbia), NAMPA (Namibia) and others.

ANTARA active in various regional and international organizations, such as ANEX (ASEAN News Exchange), OANA (Organization of Asia Pacific News Agencies) and NANAP (Non-Aligned News Agencies Pool).

No fewer than 3,000 foreign news coming from its partners and 250 news coverage of journalists itself disseminated the results of each day through the latest communication technologies, such as VSAT and DVB, as well as a variety of Internet-based technologies, such as Web sites, e-mail and ftp (file transfer protocol ).

In addition to serving news and photos, ANTARA also offer other products and services such as data services and money and stock market information (Indonesia Market Quote / IMQ), dissemination of press releases (PRWire) and journalism education (Institute for Journalism Education ANTARA).

ANTARA also cooperate with foreign partners such as Reuters, Bloomberg and Bridge-Telerate in selling data services and global market information. With foreign news agencies in Asia Pacific, Asia Pulse ANTARA formed a consortium in providing business information services Asia, and Asia Net consortium formed to disseminate press releases globally.

As part of the social-cultural mission, ANTARA manage a gallery of photo journalism (GFJA). This gallery has been much visited and has been known in foreign countries. Netherlands and Australia never contribute fotro-precious photos to display in GFJA. Japan and the Ford Foundation never help the restoration of historic photographs owned by the gallery. With various parties, GFJA also been cooperating in organizing the course of photo journalism.

ANTARA building in New Market is a historic building since been spreading the Proclamation of Independence in 1945. Like the museum, the building storing and displaying various relics of journalists since 1945 to 1950 which can be visited by anyone interested.

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